I’m more than just a pretty face and a wealth of digital marketing knowledge

My Passions and Personality

Fun Facts About The Infamous Ryan Stein

I’m a wannabe bodybuilder, I eat two Chipotle burrito bowls at a time, I love dogs (especially Corgis and Shibu Inus), I lived in Germany for six months, I hate olives am usually in bed by 9PM and have been known to help little old ladies across the street.

Why I Care So Much

I’ve worked with small businesses for a long time. Even before I attended college. I always wanted to make a difference in the world. I was a Direct Care Staff at a group home and then a marketing manager and then an entrepreneur. It hit me: I CAN GROW PEOPLE’S BUSINESSES.

Small business owners change the world for the better and if I can help make their life even 1% easier, I am going to make it happen.

I call myself a Maker. I create things from nothing and the most important thing to create is purpose.

Ryan’s Skill set

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Web Design
Facebook Ads
Google AdWords

Ryan’s Certifications

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Ryan’s Resume

Bottom Line: I’m here to get stuff done

I’m here for you. I’ve worked for company after company who has been more concerned about their bottom line than doing a good job.

The ironic part? Doing a good job helps you exceed your bottom line. It really is that simple.

Do good work. Be authentic. Strive to lift up everyone around you. What you see in the world is exactly what you have in your own heart.

If you’re ready to work with someone in Minneapolis who specializes in digital marketing, let’s get started.

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