Hey, I'm Upside Down Ryan.

I'm a performance coach and marketing consultant.

I'm all about getting the best results, whether that is in your business or life.

How I became a Marketing Consultant.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had a strong desire to tell stories.

You can imagine I was wildly popular with my parents.

I looked around at the world and saw so many amazing things happening and nobody was talking about them.

Nobody talked about them, because nobody knew about them.

As I grew up, I didn't know how to make storytelling more global.

I told a mentor about my dream and she advised me to take a digital marketing class.

So I did.

And I never stopped taking courses and learning.

I had the digital marketing and storytelling, I just needed great businesses to partner with.

That's where you come in.

Here is what I have done for others and what I would like to do for you:
👍 Redesigned over 20 websites
👍 Advised over 30 companies on marketing strategy
👍 Overhauled 10 SEO strategies to increase organic rankings
👍 Created email marketing campaigns that have increased conversions by 22%
👍 Increased social media followings and engagements for 15 companies
👍 Created 12 paid advertising campaigns that helped to increase revenue by 12%
👍 Built an Instagram following of over 23K
👍 Taught my dad how to use YouTube
👍 And so much more!

picture of marketing consultant ryan stein

Baby Ryan thinking about storytelling.

My Certifications (If you're into that).


How I transform lives through coaching.

I worked as a counselor in group homes for years prior to finding my love of digital storytelling.

It was there that I heard countless stories of hurt, sorrow and wanting to do more.

After my business took off, I thought this would be the end of coaching and counseling for me.

I was wrong.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive or starting your first job, how you view yourself and the world around you matters.

And you matter.

So, now I spend every waking hour I can coaching people how to make their business a success.

Or, how to make their personal life just as successful.

If you do not have your world figured out, you won't make it very far.

There's good news.

I can help.

You've Made it this Far.

It's time to stop settling and start thriving.

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