5 Ways I use Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of having a strategy that is focused around digital marketing is that people will actually be able to find your site. Let’s take search engine optimization (SEO) for example. Let’s say you have a really great house (your product) if you have the house in a wooded area, no one will see it (poor ranking pages). If you clear out the trees (rank higher) people will notice how nice your house is (your product)
The beauty of social media is that it allows for so much transparency between the customers and business. Think about how you research a company. Most likely it starts with a quick Google search, followed by a visit to their site. If you like their product or service, you most likely stop by to see what social media they have. It’s not for more information or to purchase anything, it’s because you want to see the human side of the brand and get a feel for what they are actually like.
Don’t you wish there was a magical way to target people who have already interacted with an ad or been to your site? THERE IS. It is called retargeting. Let’s say you have a landing page for house cleaning where you are trying to acquire email addresses or have them schedule an appointment. If that person bounces from that page, you can use retargeting to target them with a house cleaning ad to get them to give you their email address or buy your service.
In my experience, many entrepreneurs or CEO’s tend to throw advertising ideas at the wall and see what sticks. In A/B testing, this is not a bad plan. If you are trying to target people who want what you have to offer, you need to find the right people. With the proper research and keyword/interest targeting, we can get you people who want and are ready to buy.
I have a theory that you should not make decisions unless you have the data to back them up. I think that there is a fair amount of assumption that goes into noticing trends, but you should not make decision based off a “feeling”. An example, if you’re a retailer, you should not put ads out because you think shoes are going to be the hot item. Instead, you should look at past data and if you notice that shoes are popular during a certain time frame, advertise then.

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