The traveling lawyer

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How this post came about

As you know, I drive for Lyft in my spare time. It helps pay for my vacations and pay off my debt quicker, No one ever complained about being financially free in their 20’s, amirite?

I’ve had requests on my Instagram and from friends to start sharing more stories from my Lyft adventures. You asked, I answered! I love hearing about what you are interested in reading and/or hearing about.

Picking up the lawyer

You never know what you are going to get when you pick someone up. I had just finished at the gym and was looking to make some cash before hanging out with some friends. I picked her up and she seemed quiet at first, so I was content to let her enjoy her Lyft ride in peace. I was taking her to the airport, so we had plenty of time to chat or to stare into space. After about five minutes, she says, “This is weird, but you seem pretty trustworthy, can we talk about relationships?”. Let me preface that this is very normal, for whatever reason, people are comfortable discussing their darkest secrets with me. Which, I am in love with, because I get to learn so much about that person.

Traveling and relationships

I told her that we could talk about anything she wanted to and that I actually had a side business where I focused on people’s behaviors matching the life they wanted. So we started talking about relationships and the conversation went something like the below, I am the bold text and she is the italics.

What specifically do you want to talk about re: relationships?

I’ve been with my current guy for about 6 months and I travel a lot, so it makes it hard to be with anyone. Not too mention that we live in different countries.

That sounds tricky, I can only imagine the work you have to put in to make that happen. It sounds like you are worried about your relationship, is that correct?

Wow, you gathered that from just one response? Yeah, I am worried about our relationship, he actually left his last girlfriend to be with me.  At first, this was romantic, but if he did that with her, what is to stop him from doing it with me?

I think those are valid fears – past behavior is a great predictor of future behavior. I think it is worth having the conversation, what do you need to feel like you are secure in your relationship?

I need to know that it is all going to be okay, I need to know that it is going to work out and that I can trust him.

Okay, I think I understand what you are saying. Let’s start with the trust thing first, ultimately you either trust him or you don’t. If you do not trust him, the relationship will be difficult to maintain. You may also need to look at WHY you don’t trust him. If he hasn’t given you a reasonable doubt as to why he is not able to be trusted, you may need to look at your own insecurities. It does sound like your main driver of concern is you need to know that your relationship will work out. I’m going to tell you something, and it may sting a little bit: you will never know. There will not be a sign that tells you whether or not this is the right person for you. Relationships are not about destiny, they are about grit. You make the choice whether or not the relationship is worth investing your time into. I know that is scary at first, but once you take that power as your own, you can really start living.


Tell me more about what you’re feeling.

I’m feeling like my Lyft driver just gave me the best life advice and I’ve traveled the world and I am an <expletive> lawyer! I just, I cannot even think right now, you just blew my mind. I’m in my thirties, you would think that I would have it together by now. Just goes to show you life changing things happen at the most random times.

I’m flattered, that is such a great compliment! We are at the airport, so what is one last thing I can tell you to make your flight a great one?

Can you tell me that I am a badass lawyer and I can handle anything?

You’re a badass lawyer and can handle anything, go kick some ass.

In conclusion

So there you have it, a nice passenger for Ryan and a badass lawyer taking on the world.

Even if dating sometimes feels like this:

Source: Effing Dykes

It’s actually more like this:

relationship quote


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