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Real talk, 2016 was a mess of a year. There were so many deaths of very important and moving figures, misogyny was practically worshipped and technology literally¬†exploded. So, with all that being said, many are ready for the year to be done. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for a new year. But, let me also be clear that I am also very happy that these things happened. It means that we are going to have to step our game up to make the world a better place.


I know, I know, you’re pissed, how dare I make a statement like this? Here’s the thing, you should not make resolutions because a new year is coming, you should do it because you want to improve your life. I know that the new year represents a new beginning, I do get that. Let me say this, why do you need to wait for the new year to start a new beginning. Let me put it into context for you. When you are reading a really good book, do you have to wait until the end to get those goosebumps that a good read can give you? No.

You can get those goosebumps by reading just one page or getting through one chapter. This same logic can be applied to 2017 and to your goals. You do not need to wait until 2017 to set big goals or to make big changes. You could start right now. Write down that goal figure out what the steps are to make it happen and start.


The reason I bring this up is because people are always expecting a new year to be the reason why their life changes. So, you are going to throw away 364 days, because they are not the “right” time. That is complete and utter bull crap and I think you know that. Why are you waiting until 2017 to gain that muscle or lose that weight? What are you waiting for to get a better job? Why are you waiting that long to be in a relationship that means something to you? STOP FUCKING WAITING.

This makes me so furious, because I see so many people with such great potential wasting their lives away, because they are too scared to start during a time that “doesn’t feel right”.

Anything is possible if you take baby steps. Let me give you a couple of my own goals and how I broke them down to make them happy.


Goal 1: Gain muscle and weigh 190lbs

  • I wanted to do this because I have always been skinny and I want to feel like I am brawny and not scrawny
  • Here are the baby steps that I took
    • Work out 5 times a week
    • Saw a personal trainer to see what workout would be best for my body type
    • Eat more than I think I need to, because it means I am probably eating enough calories
    • I found a time where I can work out consistently even with my job and side businesses

Goal 2: Become a public figure, so I can change more lives

  • Wanted to do this because I wanted to leave a dent in the universe
  • The baby steps
    • Started a blog
      • Write a blog post at least once a week
    • Use my Instagram as a way to reach more people and strengthen my brand
      • Post every other day on Instagram
    • Begin vlogging
    • Get a new laptop with more memory and RAM

By breaking my goals into bite size chunks, it is much easier to pursue them. I strive to do at least one thing a day that helps to bring me closer to my goals.


I cannot tell you how to live your life, but if you are reading this blog, I can only assume that you want to do better. I want you to do better, I want you to do so well that all of your hater’s jaws hit the floor. So, it’s with love that I tell you this:¬†don’t wait until 2017 to live your life.¬†Start right now, look for that gym to workout at, download that dating app, go on a date with yourself or start that business. You kick some serious ass, but the first ass you need to kick is your own.

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