What is a Career Chat with an Online Career Coach Like?

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What is online career coaching?

To keep it brief, online career coaching is the same type of career coaching you would receive in person, only it is over Skype or sometimes even over a chat function.

Is it for everyone?

While I personally think everyone can benefit from career coaching, I do not think that online career coaching works for everyone. The reason being is some people prefer the face-to-face element that comes with most types of traditional counseling.

Does online career coaching work?

I think this largely depends on the career coach you work with and if your personalities are a fit. Most of my clients have said it has changed their lives. Refinery 29 does a review of The Muse as well as Career Contessa. Check it out to get a better idea of what the experiences were like. There is nothing quite like hearing it first hand from someone who has already done it.

What does an online career chat look like?

This is a technique I like to use when first starting with clients so they can get a feel for what it is like working with me. If they are ready to dive into a call right away, I’m more than happy to give a free consultation. Often, people want to get an idea for skill sets without taking too much time out of their day, enter the online career chat. The client sends me a questions and then we walk through some possible solutions. With how busy we get, it can be nice to send off a text and get an insightful response right away and continue on with our days.

Below is a sample of a career chat I have had; this is not with an actual person, but for demonstrative purposes. Need to keep everything confidential for my clients 😉



Wrapping up

There you have it, a quick look at online coaching and what it entails. There are many options out there and it is important for you to find someone who fits your needs.

If you are looking for an online career coach in Minneapolis, you can reach me here.



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