What Parents Think When You Dont Answer Your Phone o


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My last blog post was part 1 of this blog series. Part 2 will be about parents; I had asked some friends what advice they wished they had heard growing up or as an adult.

Here is the list I had:

  • Don’t be afraid to be genuine and honest. Even if not always at first, I find that people appreciate these thoughts much more.
  • Our parents are children too. They try their best, but they aren’t perfect. It took me so long to realize that they are simply teaching us what they know and have learned, they can’t know it all.
  • It’s ok to be vulnerable and broken sometimes. Life is not all rainbows and sunshine, and thats ok.
  • I would say to not be ashamed of my life experiences or missed experiences. Step further to make sure I understood that I am unique and need to operate from within myself.
  • Take more chances
  • That it’s okay to be yourself and not to live your life how others think you should.
  • Walk your own path and don’t compare yours to others.
  • Be Different


We all most likely have a parent or a parental figure that we looked up to growing up. Unfortunately, when you look up to someone so much, there is the chance that they will let you down. Not because they intentionally try to, but because our expectations are too high and no one can be perfect all the time. So, what is the cure for this? You cannot just stop loving someone or looking up to them. Parents teach us so much, so it is challenging to separate our feelings for them, but also keep in mind that they are only one person.


So, what do we do about our parents? We love them, but being let down can hurt that much more because we do. Here are some tips that I think will help make it easier for you:

  1. Your parents are a person, just like you, you make mistakes and they will too
  2. It’s not personal — generally, parents are not trying to hurt you, things happen and we do not always understand the implications
  3. You and your parents will not agree on everything and that is okay
  4. Your parents may criticize your choices — that’s their opinion and you don’t have to listen to it
  5. Even if your parents have never told you that they love you, someone does. Whether it is your parents or your friends, you matter and are very loved.

Having problems with your parent(s)? Let’s chat. Or, if you just want to share a story, comment below.


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