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You know what is always a challenge? Finding time for yourself! Am I right? Between work, the gym, friends, family and heaven forbid, kids! How are you supposed to maintain a life and your happiness? It’s a challenge, but much like anything else that is thrown at you, it can be handled. Chances are that you make yourself feel extra guilty whenever you decide to take a break. When you have a hot second to sit down and breathe, you are probably guilting yourself into thinking you need to be doing something. You don’t need to. You can read that book. Or watch a half hour of that TV show. The world will not detonate if you decide to take 10 minutes of quality R&R time.


You do not need to feel guilty for taking time for yourself. In fact, making sure that you have a balanced mind and life will only help to make you more successful. I get it, you sit down, your mind starts racing with all of the things that you feel like you have to do and before you know it, you’re not relaxed at all. If tired, you should go to bed. Same thing with if you’re mentally spent, you should take a quick break to regroup.


What to do about guilt

So, what is the fix for guilt? It is actually a somewhat easy to understand and hard to bring into practice. Because it is easy to know a solution, but it is not always easy to implement it. It is this: remind yourself how hard you have been working. As a result of doing this, you start to put it into your brain that you have been working hard and do deserve a little break.

Almost hard to believe that it is this easy, right? Here is an exercise that I like to use, acknowledge that you are not feeling relaxed, say how that is making you feel, state why you deserve to relax or take a minute. Maybe an example of this could be: “I am not feeling relaxed, it’s making me feel irritable because I feel like I earned time to, I earned this time to relax because I finished all of my work today and my work around the house”.

Happiness is hard to come by, so why waste your moments of it by worrying about the things you feel like you need to be doing? If you want happiness, work for it, but also know that it can come from not doing anything, too. Happiness is a journey, not a destination, appreciating the steps is just as important as taking them.

In conclusion, you are a badass, but even badasses need a second to relax. So take that second so you can kick some serious ass.

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