Social Media Is The New Resume, Are You Showing Your Customers What You Are Made Of?

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It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

One of the things that will easily make or break your business is your social media management skills. The reality is that we live in a world where people cannot live without their social media. This means that if your business really wants to get in touch with potential customers and retain the ones that you have, you need to be sure that you have someone knowledgeable managing your social media accounts. There are a shocking amount of businesses that really have no idea just how important social media is for them, which is exactly why we are here to help you.

Do I Really Need Social Media?

The first thing that you should know is exactly why you need social media management for your business. First of all, these days this can be the most cost effective way for you to build up your brand. The more that you build up your social media presence means the more people you can market your brand to thus raising your brand awareness. Think about it: over 1 million social media users are active on Facebook and spend somewhere around 700 billion minutes on this single site. Now think about high number scattered across the various social media platforms. Your business needs this type of attention.

It’s Not Going Away

This is also a great way for you to build authority for your brand, making you a trusted source in your specific industry. When people trust your voice on topics, they are going to be more likely to turn to you for your products or services. Social media can also help you when it comes to engaging the customer. Through social media, you can speak directly to your customers as well as building up a great relationship with your customers. For instance, say a customer really liked the service that they received from your company. They may comment about it on your social media account. You can then comment back in order to engage your customer. This seemingly meaningless interaction is actually one that will have a huge impact on how you are perceived by your customers.

You Don’t Need To Do It Alone

It can be tempting to do social media management on your own, especially if you are a smaller business. However, hiring a social media management company is the most effective way for you to achieve your social media marketing goals. We are experts in this industry and know exactly what is going to get your social media pages noticed. We know what content is considered valuable, such as keywords and creating evergreen content, which will help increase the traffic to your website. We also have excellent knowledge of analytics so we know what is working well for you and what may not be as successful. Most of all, we know just how time consuming managing your social media account is in addition to everything else that you need to do for your business. Let us handle your social media so that you can get back to do pretty much anything else that you want to achieve. Even if your goals are more breaks.

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Working with Ryan on marketing efforts were always full of energy and cutting edge. As his supervisor, I was able to provide guidelines and then let Ryan take the assignment to the next level. Our #iamUnSTOPPABLE campaign grew expeditiously when Ryan stepped in mid-way and expanded the engagement of our campus community. If you want high-energy, creativity, innovation, a team player, and dedication – Ryan is the one to hire. It was a true pleasure supervising Ryan and working with him as a team member in our department. He would be an asset to any company who is lucky to hire him.

-Jodi Wroblewski

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